It has now been a month since I turned 25 years young. I have had a chance to reflect on my life and what I have learned along the way. Turning 25 was such an amazing thing for me because I look back on my life and realize how much growth and learning I have experienced. This year I have so many things to be grateful for and I love the idea of showing even more gratitude for the things I have learned along the way so here are 25 things I have learned in my 25 years of life.

  1. Time seems to go by fast. You will wake up one day and wonder where all of the time has gone so its important to truly live every moment authentically and to be genuinely happy.
  2. Memories are all you have in the end. Enjoy every moment because you will look back and be thankful you have a visual memories of past good times.
  3.  The quality of a friendship is more important than how many you have.  One true friend is better than a dozen fake ones.
  4. If you feel good, you look good. Content in physical beauty always comes after mental.
  5. Family is your biggest support system. Family will always be that backbone you can rely on.
  6. Thoughts are powerful. What you think you really do become, intentionally or not.
  7. Trust your gut instinct. Intuition has never steered me wrong, even when I ignored it.
  8. Letting go is important. Any and everything that is for you will always be just that.
  9. You have everything you need. You just need to activate it.
  10. Money is a mindset, not an physical entity. Your mind will control your riches or lack there of.
  11. Happiness is a learned behavior. Practice is daily.
  12. Knowledge truly is power. Master your knowledge so you can do and anything you desire.
  13. Be your own savior. Saving yourself is more rewarding than getting saved
  14. We all have a gift. Find yours and use it.
  15. It’s easier than it seems. We thought riding a bike was rocket science, now its second nature.
  16. It only matters what you think about yourself. Self confidence is essential for a fulfilling life.
  17. Vibration is important. Work on making sure the one you give off is a positive one.
  18. It can always be worse. And it can always be better.
  19. Mental health is more important than physical. Take care of your mind like you do your body.0
  20. Do not wait until you’re ready. Do it NOW!
  21. Energy is everything. Be mindful of the one you put out.
  22. It is important to stand up for what is right. Speak up and make a step toward difference.
  23. Society changes fast. So fit in with yourself.
  24. Many people are followers, not leaders. Which one will you be known as?
  25. You inspire others you don’t even know. Even when you think nobody notices your success or efforts, someone always does so keep going.

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